Johnny Dwyer

Johnny Dwyer

Johnny Dwyer is a reporter and the author of "American Warlord" a forthcoming book about Charles Taylor, his American son Chucky Taylor, and the first U.S. prosecution under the federal anti-torture statute.

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Rolling Stone

American Warlord: The Story of Chucky Taylor, American Teen Turned Torture Suspect

Chucky Taylor was an ordinary suburban teenager mdash; until he went to live with his father, one of Africa's most brutal dictators. How did a kid fro

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Foreign Policy

The New Iron Lady - By Johnny Dwyer

Africa's first female head of state. Winner of the ...


Former Marine Jose Nazario Acquitted of All Charges in Fallujah ...

Last February, L.A. Weekly told the story of Jose Nazario, a Riverside police officer who had been charged with the killings of two prisoners during his service as a Marine in a 2004 battle for the Iraqi city of Falluj

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Pro Publica

The Oranto Deal, Explained - ProPublica

A series of small bribes -- less than $120,000 in total -- was allegedly paid so the Liberian legislature would grant two small firms the right to develop or sell concessions to large oil companies. One of those small firms, Oranto Petroleum Limited, sold three concessions to Chevron.


Warrior on Trial: A Kilo 3/1 Marine Faces Criminal-Homicide Charges

A CALL CAME OVER RIVERSIDE police officer Jose Nazario's radio toward the end of the graveyard shift on August 7 of last year. The night had been quiet: a shoplifter picked up at Best Buy, a drunk in front of Starbucks

The New York Times

The New York Times > Magazine > The Wounded

Treating combat trauma on the ground in Iraq.

The Guardian

From US teen to Liberian torturer: the anatomy of an African warlord ...

He grew up in suburban Florida, just a few miles from Disney World. But by his early twenties, Chucky Taylor had become a brutal drug-crazed torturer. Johnny Dwyer charts his journey from ordinary...


The Most Dangerous Fighter in the World - Esquire

He's already the most amazing story in professional sports. And he's not even a star yet.

NY Daily News

Midtown Bank Heist Bombs - New York Daily News

A potentially explosive situation wound up a dud yesterday when a would-be bomber's bid to rob a midtown bank was thwarted - but not before some very tense moments passed in front of the New York...